material: stainless steel, ash
measurements: 50 cm x 30 cm
where: the bedroom
completed: june 2017

The interiors of our houses are evolving and with it the way we interact with our furniture. The bed, though a stable companion for many decades, has also undergone modifications. The size has varied and so has the height. Beds are sunken into the floor or lifted for extra storage. Headboards are added or removed and the bed as a place of rest in the room is competing with daybeds and sofa's. The nightstand is seen as the bed's companion and the solution for storage. GODNATT is an alternative to the standing nightstands that are available. By taking into account the new needs we have for it (less books, privacy, easy access to a phone etc.), a simple shape is created that can be hung on the wall. The secret compartment under the surface gives you access to what you want to keep there. The small surface gives you a place to store your valuables and there is still enough room for a book or two, ipad and ereader.