collaboration: in use in Bengtsfors Public Library, Bengtsfors, Sweden
material: Plywood, Oak, Cotton
measurements: 135 x 70 x 55
where: Public spaces
completed: early 2016

HIDE was designed as an urban equivalent of a secret hide-out in the forest. Inspired by a special place in the forest of Dals Långed, HIDE is the embodiment of all the good aspects this spot has and transfer it to a place where they are most needed. This resulted is an object with seemingly ambiguous characteristics: Strong on the outside, soft on the inside. Enclosed but not closed. Visible but not in plain sight. I chose a mix of materials that express a new way of making private spaces in public places like libraries or cafes. Instead of making them as calm and sound absorbing as possible, the goal was to make a piece of furniture that invited the user to sit and enjoy their surroundings.