material: Ash, Metal, Cork, Granite
measurements: 1.70 m X 60 cm X 40 cm
completed: april 2017

Using history as inspiration is where my project started. By looking into archetypes of furniture that we have lost in the last 100 years, I hoped to find a piece that could be brought back into the spotlight. In order to create an object that lasts, I researched how the house as a home has changed over time, and how it may develop in the future. I chose a combination of a dressboy and a dressingtable as the subject of the investigation and came up with a modular system that can be altered by its owner. This piece was designed to be incorporated into the routines of life. By letting you create a moment for (un)wrapping yourself it functions not only as furniture, but as a safehaven as well. photocredit: picture 1 and 2 by Katerina Lukoshkova